Hannes Bennich – When Losing A Dream To Reality (Grey Marble Vinyl)

Articlenumber: SRAR0014ME / 9003829988734

2LP – 180 Gram Vinyl / Handnumbered Edition limited to 200 Units

When Losing A Dream To Reality is the debut album from Swedish alto saxophonist and composer Hannes Bennich. Bennich is one of the most interesting new voices on the Scandinavian scene and presents all-original compositions for his first outing written for his band of pianist Britta Virves, double bassist Tomas Sjödell and drummer Emil Norman. Special guest vocalist Helen Salim joins for one track. The album is based around dream narratives: “I wrote music with different versions of dreams ending up perhaps not the way you want to. Like a winding path that can go in any direction,” explains Bennich.


A Billy’s Charm 07:36
A Not American 07:16
B It Ends Now (ft. Helen Salim) 06:03
B Non-Religious (Bass Intro) 01:06
B Non-Religious 06:32
C For Essie 07:19
C Interlude // In Peace 08:31
D The Traveller 05:40
D A Flowers Last Wish 05:56

Second Records / Whirlwind Recordings